NIDO is carrying out or collaborating on the ongoing and planned programs and initiatives.

  • Database and Information Initiative
  • First Diaspora Medical Corporation (FDMC) Project
  • Abuja Housing Initiative
  • Sale of Federal Government Houses
  • Abuja Technology Village

Database and Information Initiative

NIDO launched a Database Initiative to create a technology platform and information service to enable the organization to be a stronger partner in Nigeria’s economic development. The Board of Directors commissioned a database committee to oversee the planning and development of this initiative.

The Mission
Provide a sophisticated and highly-regarded information tool to enable linkages of Nigerian skills and expertise abroad with Nigeria’s government, industry, and academic sectors to meet their workforce, training, and economic development needs.

The Opportunity: Untapped Diaspora Resources
Strengthening and accumulating productive human capital is vital for economic progress. Some competitive countries are effective at developing human capital within their borders; others find this source of advantage in their native human capital from abroad. And still a few do both equally well. Diaspora Nigerians are an important external source of human capital for Nigeria. As a very educated and highly-skilled group who have benefited from the knowledge resources of advanced economies like the United States and Canada, many Diaspora Nigerian professionals have reached key positions in their organizations, and have individually and collectively developed an impressive track record in various spheres of industry, academia, and government. Whether in corporate boardrooms or in hospital operating rooms, Nigerians abroad have distinguished themselves as a talented and highly-skilled new immigrant group with significant economic and knowledge resources.

First Diaspora Medical Corporation (FDMC) Project

Vision: Redeeming Nigeria
Establishing a vehicle for the creation of a sustainable paradigm of World-Class Healthcare in Nigeria: by the institution of a privately managed healthcare delivery business, in order to participate in constructive efforts to overhaul the Nigerian healthcare experience.

Mission: To Heal Nigeria
To provide world-class acute care facilities, excellent healthcare infrastructure, in a competently-staffed and profitably-run business environment; to facilitate affordable healthcare delivery, acute care advancement, country-resident capacity building, and reduce the incidence of Nigerians going on foreign medical trips (members click for more)